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Frequently Asked Questions

If I know what I want to accomplish, what is stopping me from making the
right choice?

Our conscious mind is busy. Busy doing, busy working, busy responding to things. And the conscious mind is the one which drives our moment to moment decisions. So when you are faced with a choice and the outcome is not what you really wanted to do deep down, you need to start helping your deeper thinking inner or sub-conscious mind to gain it’s strength and speak loud and clear during these challenging moments of choice. Hypnosis speaks to this inner mind and allows it to become a stronger influence to help you make the choice your know you want to make in these critical moments.

How does hypnosis work?

Hypnosis is a state of alert rest where the mind only has to do one thing… listen. The hypnotist guides your body to relax, which allows your busy conscious mind the opportunity to take a break from managing the movements of the body. As your body relaxes, the conscious mind gets the opportunity to take a break which then allows your deeper thinking mind, the sub-conscious mind, to directly hear your single message. This is the message which you have helped the hypnotist to develop during the session. Remember, you are here to reach a goal of your choosing. You are the most important part of the session — the hypnotist is there as
your guide.
I have seen people do entertaining things while supposedly under hypnosis. Is that the same as hypnotherapy?

Stage hypnosis, or entertainment hypnosis is the same as the type of hypnosis we do in a counseling setting, but with one critical and important difference. The people who are on stage are there to have some fun and the hypnotist is the one to suggest the goal. When you come to Family & Personal Counseling for hypnosis, you are here to reach your own goal. Our hypnotists give you the hypnotic suggestions which are directly in line with helping you to change your life. If you are ready to make this choice for yourself, then you are
ready for hypnosis.
Will I lose control of myself?

Actually, it is completely the opposite. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy is one of the best mental health tools you can use when you know you need to face a change in your life and you are having difficulty getting the job done. Hypnosis will help you to reach your goals by allowing your inner mind to regain your own personal self-control to stay on track. Regain your control of the choices of the moment — regain control of yourself.
What does the hypnotic trance feel like?

The hypnotic trance is much like sleep, but it is not sleep at all. It is an extreme stage of body rest where you simply don’t feel like moving, but are completely compelled to listen to what is being said. Many say that their body feels comfortably heavy, or light and tingly. All say that the only thing that they want to do in that moment is listen. It’s as if all the noise of the day has been turned down and the only thing to do is rest and open the mind to the thoughts, or suggestions, which are being said in the session. Rest and listen is the only thing that you need to do in order for you to experience the full effects of the hypnotic trance.

Is hypnosis sleep?

Your are awake and aware during the session. You have control over what you do, what you say, and what you choose to believe. You can move, cough, sneeze, wipe an annoying hair from your face…anything that you need to do in order to make yourself comfortable. Likewise, if the session is no longer comfortable for you, you may simply ask to stop. As a matter of fact, if during the session the hypnotist determines that you have actually fallen asleep, you will be gently awakened and brought back to the level of hypnotic trance. If you are sleeping, you are not listening and the goal of the session is to allow your deeper inner mind to hear your message directly.

Will I say or do things that I wouldn’t normally do?

Hypnosis allows your mind to reconnect with your inner self-control. You are awake and aware throughout the session. You are also in control at all times. If you wouldn’t normally say or do something in a fully aware state, you will not do it when in the hypnotic trance.

Can hypnosis be covered under insurance?
Hypnosis is often covered as a reimbursed expense on most health care spending accounts (HRA).  Please check with your insurance company.